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30 Hour Famine @ The Well of Shelby



Video Bumper to start off message on the 10 Commandments @ The Well of Shelby #linesweshouldnotcross


These great young men of God came to our church and shared an original song with us.  Michael M Ross, Mario J Harrison and Christopher Stroud brought it. How blessed we were to be able to receive them in our fellowship.

You Gave @ The Well

Some of our children helped lead worship this morning @ The Well with the song “You Gave” by Jay Stocker.

The Bystander

This is a video from our Easter service at our church, the Well of Shelby. It was called the Bystander. Hope you get a blessing. The video was used from the Passion of the Christ and the inspiration came from David Meece and the Glory goes to God.

Rescue Me

I found this great song on the web and put it together with some scripture and pics so that people could see that no matter where you are at in life, you can call on the Lord to rescue you. The music is by  “The Choir”

Life Change Video

Almost forgot about this video. Thought people needed to see this. Praise the One Risen Son of God!!!