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2nd Chance

2nd Chance2x2On the edge of the new year, people are planning all sorts of resolutions for weight loss, relationships, community and church involvement and the like As 2015 looms in front of us many have a plan for a Second Chance. The bible paints pictures for us of life lessons using things that we can all relate to then and now – pictures about fishermen, sheep and shepherds, fathers, even weather. In Jeremiah, God paints a vivid picture using a Potter and Clay.


The Lord gave another message to Jeremiah. He said,  “Go down to the potter’s shop, and I will speak to you there.” So I did as he told me and found the potter working at his wheel. But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and started over. Then the Lord gave me this message: “O Israel, can I not do to you as this potter has done to his clay? As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand – Jer. 18:1-6

This Potter creates useful vessels – cups, plates, jars and pots. These vessel honor the Potter and profit Him. It is a long process of preparing the clay for use which takes softening the dirt and straining of impurities – all of which ensures the flexibility and mold-ability of the clay. This process takes some time. The Potter takes worthless dirt and makes it into something amazing, useable and very valuable.

This is a picture of God’s work in our lives because in our original state when God found us we were a wreck wreck – unusable dirt. But God softens us and applies Him loving touch and gently molds us into vessels of honor and glory for Himself. During the process of molding us on Him Potter’s wheel, He always has His hands on us. He is always in contact. He can feel any impurities. He can feel any bumps. He can feel any and all imperfection and will lovingly smooth them out.

Are you completely surrendered to God today? Are you still holding the reins of your life? Is God your co-pilot? Or are you like clay in the hands of the potter?

If you are a vessel that has refused to surrender your life in part or completely now is the time. Come to Jesus today and place yourself into the hand of God and let Him work in and through your life.God loves you. He wants to take your life and make it into a thing of beauty for His glory. Will you come to Him?


The Search is over

The New York Times reported some of the top searches on Google through this year and particularly during the season of Christmas were concerning depression, diets, hate – paired with either mom, dad, husband or wife and not to be outdone, searches for porn. Google is projecting that after Christmas searches for divorce will go up and on Feb 14th…loneliness.

People are always searching, searching for answers; answers about the future, about their life and peace and hope and purpose and those searching are not limited to those in the 21st century. SEARCH1When Moses encountered God on the mountain he said, “Who shall I say sent me?” He was looking for some answers and God told him “I AM that I AM” and immediately Moses question was answered when the Creator of the universe said this is who I am – Sovereign Lord of all creation.

But what about those that have not seen a burning bush? When we search for God, what will we find? Who will we find? What is He like? Isaiah 9:6 tells us this…

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Is. 9:6

The search is OVER! The answer has been give to all of life’s question! And that answer lay 2000 years ago in a feeding trough. He was and is the hope for humanity. The answer to questions concerning Hunger, Poverty, Loneliness, Depression, yes even Ferguson. This child would bring something to the world that is needed by all and rejected by most. Where do we go when we need answers? Where do we look when we are in need of strength for the day? Where do we find peace? Do we have a father that loves us? True is we look for all this and more and come up with short term answers or just plain old empty hands because this rock we live on can’t produce the answer we need. The answer comes from the One that Created the Earth…and Heaven….and you.

This child left His heavenly throne and put on human flesh and lived right here with us and showed us the answer to life. He is Christ the Lord – the giver of wise counsel – the giver of strength that makes us over-comers (Thanks Mandisa) He is a Father that is a strong protector and provider; that is understanding and true, that will never leave us. He brings us peace – an inner peace that comforts in times of trouble and loss and daily struggles.

How is your peace level these days? Are you at peace with God? Have you made peace with Him? Have you answered the invitation given to all of mankind by the Prince of Peace – Come to me all who are weary and have burdens and I will give you rest – Matt. 11:28

Are you struggling this Christmas – struggling with gifts; searching for the right thing, unable to find the perfect gift? Try receiving the gift that God gives to the world thousands of years ago and still today – Jesus. We are all so far away from God at some point in our life but God made a way for us to be close to Him. He does all the work. We just need to trust Him…with our life. Trust him today and truly BECOME peace on Earth!

Jesus didn’t come so that we could give gifts on the 25th of Dec. He didn’t come that we could sing “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus is coming to Town”. He came to give us peace with God and He came to give us peace within ourselves. He stands at the ready offering His peace and wants to be a part of your life. Say YES to Him today. It’s the greatest gift you could ever receive.

Lord, It is my prayer that if someone reads this they will turn away from a life that doesn’t please you and put their hope and trust in you. Complete their life Lord as you fill them to overflowing with Your love! In Jesus name I pray – Amen.