Path,Cutting Grass

Back during the summer of last year I was very excited to get my lawn mower back from being repaired. It’s a push mower with the big wheels in the back and really cuts better than most mowers, even riders. The grass in the back yard was just starting to get a little height  on it when i finally got the chance to cut it. Now a lot of stuff goes through my mind during cutting so bear with me. I usually try to focus on making the straightest rows that i can make – almost obsessively. I found really quickly that if you focus on the end of where your row will end it will be remarkably straight. Just to test myself I would focus directly in front on the mower and the row was all over the place and i would have to go back and fox all those little sprigs that were sticking up that i missed. But once my focus moved to the finish line I had a straight, clean row.

WOW! So many verses come to mind. I find it amazing that the Lord used cutting the grass to get my attention. In Phil. 3:14 we are urged to “press towards the mark”, “to seek after it eagerly”. Pressing towards the mark is the opposite Lawnof missing the mark which is in biblical terms sin. We are unable to walk the straight line that we are called to do (Matt. 7:14) if our eyes are not focused on the end result or the prize.

If we focus on the end; on the goal, there is much less pain and suffering in life – less back tracking. We are told in scripture that the “path” is “narrow” and the gate is “straight”and that teaches us that we have a lot of pressure on both sides; that it is difficult. But think of the reward waiting for those that strive to be like Christ – to be Christ-like – To please our Father in Heaven – To be a true Follower of Christ.

Lord, I pray that we would always be aware of Your presence in our lives no matter what task we are undertaking and that You would use every moment as a teaching tool to make us more like You. Amen.

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