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Good morning sunshine!

For “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” – Romans 10:13

Nothing like getting up early in the morning, fresh coffee brewing with that wonderful aroma. The sound of birds chirping outside. The quiet stillness in the house so that I can drink my coffee undisturbed……Wait! Is this a Folgers coffee commercial?

The reality is I wake up to the sound of 1 or all of my children’s voices calling….DADDY! So I get up and hear … DADDY! Can I have breakfast….. DADDY! I have to go pee. DADDY! Joshua is looking at me. And while I am sure you are probably laughing AT me at this point, there are times when I say something like, “I’m sorry, Daddy is not home, please leave a message.” Or, “Please don’t call my name again”.

I am so glad…no…I am so thankful that the Lord NEVER gets tired of hearing me call His name.

I find myself so often just sitting at my desk with my face in my hands on the brink of tears, crying out to the Lord, the giver of life…”DADDY! Help me”, “I am hurting; I am struggling, I need your help”.  Unless I am being stubborn, as I sometime am, I can feel the warmth of God’s embrace all around me giving me comfort, strength and courage to face the day and the problems that will without a doubt not last forever.

Hopefully when I wake in the morning to the sound of “DADDY! I gotta go pee”, I will remember all of those in the scriptures, like Abram, Isaiah, David and many others that called upon the name of the Lord and found comfort in knowing that He is aways there and delights in hearing His children call His name….even at 6:15am.

Lord, I thank You for the allowing me the privilege of being a father, a high calling in life to be sure. Help me to always remember Your example as I attempt to mirror what You teach. Amen.